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Why do we plan & prepare healthy meals, train hard through the week only to indulge & break the calorie bank over the weekend?

We spend our lives working, waking up, routine after routine to live for the weekends- somehow our goals & desires go out of the window when we are offered another glass of wine/piece of Birthday cake, it’s too easy to succumb. Social plans lead to meals out, drinks, the works & this becomes a snowball effect. We find it hard to say no, to ask for healthier alternatives & avoid pressure from friends who feel compelled to persuade you to have ‘one more’.

One reason is many of us have an emotional relationship with food. We eat when we are happy, when we are sad, to celebrate & commiserate. At an early age, we are given dessert as a reward, pick & mix as a treat. Positive connotations & associations with food. Another being our busy schedules, somehow we forget to eat for four hours tired, our blood sugar drops as does our power to resist. That piece of chocolate fudge cake on the tea trolley looks more & more appealing. The next minute we will be telling friends we are cutting carbs & going paleo & eating organic for the foreseeable future.

The fluctuation in behaviour & the frustration this causes…

“If I eat this it will taste great, I’m craving it, I’ll feel better” VS “This isn’t conducive to my goals, why did I eat it?! I didn’t need it!” Feeling guilty, annoyed & frustrated
Guilty thoughts -telling ourselves something is forbidden & often craving it more.
Breaking the cycle….

BALANCE.. Ask yourself the following questions-

Are you eating enough?
Are you eating enough protein?
Are you consuming enough vegetables?
Are your meals tasty, varied & enjoyable?
Do you prepare meals in advance?
Do you schedule in treats every now & then?

Changing your attitude about food can help change your behaviours.

Nutrition helps to fuel your performance in the gym.

Diet isn’t about eating less it’s about eating enough of what is right for you.
If you do have a weekend splurge, draw a line underneath & go again- pick up where you left off!

Lets crush some myths….

All fats aren’t bad- nuts, oily fish, avocado to a name a few help with satiety & improve the quality of your hair, skin, nails etc.

Fat won’t make you fat! Just as consuming carbohydrates won’t- find the right balance for you. If your goals are to drop body fat, aim to consume your carbohydrates pre and post workout.
Skipping carbohydrates including fruit, experiencing late night sugar cravings which then result in a cake/chocolate binge doesn’t make sense!

Yes cutting carbohydrates can & will help you lose weight, but chances are you will lose water weight, this will quickly change when you start increasing them again. Contrary to popular belief consuming carbohydrates can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Education & knowledge is powerful when making informed decisions.
Do not strive for perfection, aim for a solution to your goals and individual needs!

Coach Blease


Laura is an extremely passionate personal trainer with eight years of experience under her belt coaching at Strength and Performance.

Having competed in the field of natural bodybuilding in 2012 and Strongman competitions back in 2014 she likes to throw herself in at the deep end loves a challenge!

Two biggest loves of her life are lifting weights and munching cake!