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It doesn’t workout how you planned but that’s ok..that’s the beauty of life.

Progression in training is never linear, the body likes to surprise us, it’s affected by stimulus such as sleep (lack of), nutrition & perceived stress (bereavement, work pressure etc).

Now I’ve been weight training for close to 7 years now, I was bitten by the bug and my pursuit to increase strength has been relentless. I developed this emotional connection, progression was empowerment to me and no matter what happened, the weight on the bar was my outlet. When I began I struggled to bench press an empty bar and hated how that felt, chin ups were nigh on impossible & whilst back squatting the weight felt heavy on my back. However, it lifted my mind & cleared the metaphorical weight on my shoulders. Never has it been easy, there’s been days when I’ve literally wanted to cry – a strange reaction when being pushed to the max yet my longing to be more powerful, stronger, better has yet to be extinguished.

If you didn’t know this already the beauty of being new to lifting is that you make the most gains/progression during your first six months. So many of you will be reaping the benefits right now.

So let’s imagine…

You’ve been sticking to a periodised (structured) training plan for the past 16 weeks diligently, focussing on your mobility, corrective exercises & accessory work and smashing those numbers.

When it comes to repping out you can unlock your potential & fire up the energy. Yes it a challenge but it’s one that you welcome with open arms as the sense of achievement far outweighs the pain of the process.

However, when it comes to testing your rep max the weight isn’t moving quite how you’d like and you miss your predicted lift. This is what has happened to me this time around, which begs the question…”Is it all about lifting the heaviest weight or cumulatively getting stronger?”

If it all doesn’t go to plan we need to trust the process and be aware that progression manifests itself in various forms. As we get closer to the maximum weight we can lift an additional 2.5-5kgs on the bar will result in either making or breaking a lift.

The chase, pursuit, longing & dedication to lifting is the pleasure. The labour and efforts are the fruits. Our motivation is each other… Together we lift each other up.

Witnessing all of our strong crew hit peak week was purely motivational for me. The atmosphere was second to none & this is why we are unbeatable.

Coach Laura