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Ever lay there at night and wonder where you’re going in life?

I used to!

I used to lay there thinking about what a shit job I had and how mundane my life was!

I had health, money and a sport I love.

Yet with these things in my life I was empty and lay there with a huge ache in my body every night.

The pain would then affect me in the day too and not just hold on for the night time mind fuck.

The pain paralysed my life, it controlled my whole thought process on everything.

I was scared to try new things,

I was scared to branch out,

I was scared of failing!

During this time in my life I would waste hours just staring at the four walls of my room.

It’s crazy when I think back, as I feel I’m a totally different person now, but to think I was a grown man crying in my bed most nights is out of this world.

So one day I literally woke up and was like f*** this!

I wanted to make a change, so I began to plan it all out.

Now adding a plan to my life was adding more emotions to how I felt at night, only now I had the emotions of passion, desire and hunger jumping in!

I quit my job and left the country, I went to America and played roller hockey in the World Championships.

I had been asked to play in France for a few seasons in a row, yet I was so scared to take that opportunity.

With this in mind, I knew that if I had a good tournament in the states I’d get offers to play there again.

I played pretty decent, could’ve played better!

After that competition was over and the dust had settled the offers came in, teams from all over France got in touch with me and I began to hammer out google translate like you wouldn’t believe!

In the end I chose to go to Paris and play there.

I remember the day I arrived in my little apartment in the centre of Paris, I lay there looking at my new four walls thinking “Wow I’m pain free.”

That huge ache was gone and the whole time I was on this journey of change I never felt that same ache once!

All the fear of failing and self doubt was blown away and I never felt the pain I felt every night when I was in that phase.

So why have I rambled on there to tell you this story?

Because I know a lot of you guys are absolutely terrified of taking the next step!

You’re scared of what you could become!

You’re bricking it about failing!

I’m telling you, take the plunge and you’ll realise that it’s not all that scary chasing a goal you want!

It’s no way near as scary as being the person who lies there crying every night because you’re not happy.

Let this week be the one you make that first step!

Peace out,

Coach Karl

“What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”