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Buddy Morris “Just because it’s written on paper, doesn’t mean it has to be done on that given day.”

Once upon a time, there was an old king. This king had ruled his gym Kingdom for numerous years and thought himself to be invincible. He loved the gym and the gym loved him. But unlike every other fairy tale you’ve ever heard, this one doesn’t end well for the king.

You see the king loved training so much, his body knew no limits. When he turned up to the gym, whatever was written on that board for that session, he would complete no matter what. If he was sore from the session before, he didn’t use it as an excuse, he cracked on and would complete his session.

But what most people would see as a great strength of the kings, one day, it was shown to be a massive weakness which would knock the king for six. You see, the battles that the king had encountered in the gym had left his body in a precarious state. Every time he trained, his elbow would hurt and would continue to hurt for days.

However, his elbow pain didn’t stop him from completing exercises which caused his elbow more pain than what it was worth. Then, one day, his session featured an exercise which also caused the kings elbow a lot of grief. But, he threw himself into the session, as usual, giving it his all. On the 2nd set of this dangerous exercise, the king felt a pop in his elbow.

He ignored this pain and continued. He finished the session, but his elbow was screaming in pain and the king couldn’t move his arm properly as a result. The king went to the candy floss hospital and the doctors delivered the news that the king had feared, he had severely damaged his elbow and would be unable to train at his beloved gym for months.

So what have we learned?

You see, whenever you undergo a gym session, you need to know that the programme is just a template. This template can be shaped and moulded in many different ways to suit every individual’s needs.

There is no perfect session, just the one that best suits your individual needs

If you come into the gym and you see an exercise which you know is going to further complicate an injury you have, then don’t be afraid to ask a coach for an alternative to that exercise. Don’t be like the king and just work through it.

If you have a knee injury and you see squats and lunges on your session when you come in, ask for alternative exercises which involve no knee extension and flexion etc An injury doesn’t need to mean you have to miss a session, but, if you try to work through it, you may end up missing a much longer period of time.

The king learned this lesson the hard way so you don’t have to. Don’t worry, the king recovered and made it back to the gym eventually, but he was never afraid to change his training sessions ever again.

And they all lived happily ever after,

The end

Coach Jake

Jake is a BSc CPPS certified strength and conditioning coach at Strength and Performance.

When he isn’t working he enjoys trying to become a better than average powerlifter, holds the UK record for most chocolate milk consumed and listening to the best slow jams the RnB industry has to offer

Any questions that you require an answer to help you in the gym, feel free to e-mail him at jake@strengthandperformance.co.uk