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In our private group for our members we share our knowledge/stories, from a training stand point to nutrition to motivation.

This post from Karl yesterday hit deep with many of us, its about a little boy who is terminally ill from cancer and it soon puts everything into perspective.

Have a read…

How do everyone,

So this past week Sean asked me to shoot some videos and write some posts on goals, motivation and finding your “why”.

Now I’ve got an abundance of material I could use to get my message across and guide you down a path to help you all push on.

The only problem is, I don’t want to share it right now. Don’t is the wrong word, it’s more like I can’t.

I can’t get passed thinking about my little mate Leo.

If you don’t know Leo, then you need to.

I’m not going into his story because just mentioning his name brings me to tears right now.

So why is thinking about Leo stopping me from writing something to get people fired up!

Well it’s simple, I’ve seen how this kid has fought on every step of his journey through this b@£tard of a disease.

I’ve seen him make friends with thousands of people through the best laugh I’ve ever heard.

I’ve seen him smile when he’s in the worst pain that I couldn’t even imagine!

So when I get my thinking cap on to write down something I can’t get past saying “get your shit together”

To be fair it’s probably got a few more swear words in there than that.

Now I know it’s not that easy to just do that.

I understand ruts, struggles and doubts, but with times like this though I believe you can open up your mind and put you’re own situation into perspective.

I have always been the type of guy to look at my life from above and assess, I can always look at my world and think “you know what my life is good”.

Nothing was more eye opening and humbling than visiting Leo in hospital with a load of us from the gym.

We went to give him and his family an early Christmas as we didn’t know if he was going to make it to the next.

We had gifts galore along with the real princesses from frozen and the crazy ass snowman Olaf, it was amazing.

There were that many of us we all couldn’t fit into Leo’s room, so I took a step back out of the room as I had met Leo before this visit so I thought I’ll see him after all the girls have drooled over his silly gorgeous eyes ❤️❤️

I stood in the corridor and just took in the moment and started to think about how awful all this was.

The Frozen bunch started singing which got the attention of all the other kids on Leo’s ward.

All these kids had a similar illness to Leo.

All these kids were in pain.

Yet all these kids had huge smiles on their faces.

Now one little girl, came and stood near me.

There wasn’t a hair on her body and she looked like she was recovering from some form of treatment, she was walking slowly as she had a drip attached to her.

This girl was no older than 4 I’d say. She made eye contact with me and gave me the biggest most beautiful smile I’d seen.

I instantly choked up.

I just began to think that non of these kids have had the chance to experience life at all.

They never made that choice to be there.

In fact thinking about Leo now, he never got to make any choices really once he got that first tumour.

So here’s where my “sort your sh*t out” comes from.

Everyday you have the privilege of making choices.

You can choose to go in what ever direction you desire wth all aspects of your life.

You can make simple choices for you to have a better life.

It’s really that simple.

Find your purpose.

Sean and I discussed this the other day.

Leo is about to turn 5, and he didn’t choose his purpose, his purpose chose him.

He had to show the world how to be happy in the worst times.

He shown us that a smile will make you endless new friends.

He shown us laughter will drown out a room full of hurt.

He shown us to never give up when you’re having a bad day.

Most of all he’s shown me that no matter what who you are, someone will always be looking at you.

It’s your choice whether you inspire them or not.

Here’s a picture with the man who’s been a huge inspiration to me in my life, the other man is Sean keefe.

I am sorry for the rant and I’m not just brushing of any other issues that may affect motivation.

However for me right now, the image of Leo and his determination has got me wanting more from everyone.

Including myself.