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  1. Find a proven programme and stick to it for an extended period – No progress was ever made from walking into the gym with no plan on how you are going to progress from session to session.
  2. Drink more water than you are now – It’s rare that someone is drinking enough water daily. Whatever your goal is, you need to be drinking enough water. Our bodies are around 60% water and it is crucial to so many bodily functions.
  3. Write down your goals – Whatever your goals are in life, work, training. Write them down and review them monthly to see how your progressing and what you can do more to reach them sooner!
  4. Train at the time of day which is best for you – You will see some people recommending training fasted or you must train before this time before you lose out on potential gains. Forget all that, whatever time of day is convenient for you, get to the gym and train HARD.
  5. Sleds – Never pulled a sled? Your legs have never been fully tested then! Find a place that has them or buy one yourself, stack weight on it and pull it up and down. Let me know how your legs are feeling after!
  6. Train like an athlete – Squat, lunge, press, pull, hinge, crawl, sprint, carry objects.
  7. Decrease rest periods – Stop spending 5 minutes chatting, texting, surfing social media, admiring the latest girl in the gym during your rest periods. Train harder and this will make a noticeable difference in your results in the short term.
  8. Sleep like a king – Have at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. This is where our body recovers from our day’s activities. Try and avoid using your phone/TV when in bed.
  9. Tension = Better lift – The more tension you can create in your body, particularly the big lifts, the more force you will be able to exert and move the implant faster during the concentric phase.
  10. Pay more respect to mobility – I think the average lifter doesn’t spend enough time on this. If your body is all jacked up and your movement is shit, then a lot more time on mobility is needed. Spend 10 minutes a day working on this and your body will thank you.
  11. Nap time – Struggling to get enough sleep in the evening? If you have available time in the day, have a short 20 minute nap to increase recovery and make you feel better.
  12. Drop the poor form – Theres nothing that makes me cringe more than watching someone lift with a flexed spine and praying to god that their spine doesn’t snap in half. Fix your form and keep a neutral spine on all your lifts. You’re lower back pain might just subside as well! Remember “grinding through an exercise with poor form, is like multiplying by 0, it equals nothing”.
  13. Don’t skip leg day bro – We’ve all seen them, the guys who hammer upper body every single day and their legs look like shit.
  14. Eat more earth food – I love the saying that if your food didn’t run, swim or grow on this planet then don’t eat it. More food sources of this kind will make a massive difference to how you feel and your progress in the gym.
  15. Supplements aren’t the key – Growing up I naively believed that supplements were some kind of secret to how people looked good, i’ll save you a lot of money and tell you now – they aren’t! Sort your daily food intake out long before you consider adding supplements into your life
  16. Session challenges – I’ve really enjoyed adding some kind of challenge into my training lately. Grab an empty barbell and perform 100 curls as fast as possible and record the time, aim to beat it next time. Good at squatting? Put your bodyweight on the bar and see how many reps you can get and aim to beat it every time. Challenges like this certainly bring more fun and interest to training.
  17. Warm-up is just as important as the session – Having a warm up which includes soft tissue, stretches/mobility, movements and some kind of CNS stimulation will decrease the risk of injury and increase the chances of you having a much better training session.
  18. Everybody needs a break from time to time – The older we are, the more our bodies need a rest from time to time from training. Most people are scared to have a week off in case they lose all there strength and progress during this time. But those who do come back feeling refreshed and ready to get even stronger!
  19. Surround yourself with positivity – Move on from any people in your life who make you feel worse, don’t support your goals or you believe are holding you back.
  20. Be the very best version of YOU – Sometimes comparing yourself to others can be detrimental mentally as you aim to reach there high standards. Aim to be the very best person you can be and be the one other people aim to be.
  21. Failure isn’t the end – Failure doesn’t have to mean that your journey is over. Treat failure as a learning curve and move on better for the experience.
  22. Read books – I’m talking about the kind of books that you will be better off for reading. Try “The School of Greatness” by Lewis Howes or “Chasing Excellence” by Ben Bergeron. P.S – Get them off Amazon already used to save you a few £.

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