Remember when you were younger and you had a group of mates that you could have some fun and banter with?

Maybe you used to be a member of a local sports team, running club or Bootcamp?

Perhaps you used to hook up with the girls/lads over a few social drinks every weekend and laugh the hours away?

I’m sure I’m ringing a few bells here…


However, Life eventually does take over and no doubt your attention has been turned away from nights out on the town to work and family stuff – nothing wrong with that…

But wouldn’t it be great to get a bit of that camaraderie and banter back in your life?

Reclaim a little ‘me time’ away from it all…

Reconnect with your inner kid?

We know that being fitter, leaner and stronger isn’t the be-all and end-all of a healthy lifestyle.

But having a group of like-minded mates who’ve got your back through life’s ups and downs, and who keep You accountable is Priceless.

Wouldn’t You Agree?

Time and time again having a good social network has been proven to positively impact your health in a number of ways.

Now just imagine having a group of 30 or more mates all with the same common goal, supporting, encouraging and pushing you to achieve Yours.

That would be pretty Awesome, right?

Damn straight!

Not only will You increase your Health and Fitness but you’ll massively increase your circle of friends, all of whom will support your Health and Fitness goals in 2015….

…and look, they will call You out if You’re not achieving what you should be.

Remember, You’ve got to be accountable too at the end of the day!

Yes, give Me some of that please!

 You’re So Welcome

Looking forward to welcoming you into the S&P Family really soon!

Sean & Zoran

ps We GUARANTEE You will LOVE us! – no gimmicks, No BS, No false promises… just a whole load of fun group training PLUS you’ll get to Discover some of our most closely guarded secrets to getting in Awesome shape – Super Fast!!

Now if that’s not a No Brainer then i’m not sure what is!