Discover How Strength and Performance can take You from being Frustrated, De-Motivated & Out-of-Shape to HAPPY, Confident and Excited, rocking a Body that you can be Proud of!

Frustrated with your Nutrition? Read on:

Welcome to S&P; Below are 5 Benefits you'll receive by working with us to transform your body and improve your life! 

Before we get into the detail, we would like to issue a word of caution. If you're looking for a cheap, sub-standard trainer who is happy to take your money without caring about whether you actually get results or not, that isn't us!

We are also not the type of coaches who will take you for a jog. That's not coaching, in our opinion that is the role of a training buddy or friends. You shouldn't have to pay to run with your friends!

At S&P We Educate, Motivate and inspire you to achieve a stronger, leaner body by improving posture, tailoring your nutrition to your specific needs, and coaching and supporting you every step of the way!

We guarantee you'll Love it! And you'll love the results even more! 

Here is how you'll transform with us:

  • We will first of all assess your current posture; your weaknesses; your strengths, and look to create balance. Did you know that by simply improving your bodies function you will dramatically transform your bodies ability to burn fat by utilising muscles that haven't been working efficiently. Not only that, you will instantly reduce niggly aches and pains, gain flexibility and boost your strength.

  • We will tailor your nutritional needs to you. We don't have generic, one-sheet-fits-all nutriton plans that are handed out to everyone. We hold your hand through the neccessary steps to help you transform your body composition. This is as much an inner battle as it is an outer one. At S&P we understand that changing habits of a lifetime can be difficult. We have helped hundreds of people like you transform through our little known nutrition principles. 

  • Your training program will be designed for you. It won't be a faddy 'HIIT' workout or some generic plan that's given out to everyone. WARNING; You will be expected to work hard! BUT it won't just be a beasting! It's too easy for anyone to leave you heaped in a pile on the floor feeling sick. That's not coaching, that's what drill sargents do! We will assess and program to your needs, teaching you the most fundamental movements that will help you drop unlimited amounts of fat, boost your lean muscle mass and have you looking and feeling amazing in a short space of time!

  • We'll work closely with you to conquer your demons. We all have them, whether it's chocolate addiction, sugar craving, or after meal pudding. We'll help you overcome the very things that are holding YOU back from achieving your wildest body transformation goals. You know what you SHOULD be eating, the problem is sticking to it. This is where we help you make the switch, in 3 simple steps. You'll be amazed at how you don't crave things anymore. 

  • You'll get Access to our Exclusive Members-Only Body Transformation Packages, as well as our Signature Small Group Training Packages. This means you can get access to our Renowned Fitness Packages in order to BOOST your Fat Burning potential. So alongside your Twice per week Small Group Training, you will now be able to increase your metabolic rate, burn more unwanted fat and have a TON of fun doing it! Our Gym recently featured in Mens Health as one of the Top 10 Independant Gyms in the UK, as voted for by the public! We would like to invite you to apply for our strictly limited memberships where people not only achieve awesome results, but great camaraderie and friendships are fostered!

100's of people have already had their lives Radically transformed since we first launched our unique Training and Nutrition Systems in 2009. We would like to offer you the opportunity to join them. 

About S&P

Sean & Z:


Hello, we are Sean and Z; Co-Founders of S&P Gyms.

Today it does not matter who we are or that we have trained some of the biggest names in fitness, or that our unique training methods help 100's of people just like you everyday to reach your body transformation potential quicker than ever before!

We are here to cordially invite you to apply for a limited place on one of our training programs. If you DO NOT want to get in the best shape of your life, feel free to look away now.

There are no distractions at S&P, no TV's, magazines or complicated machines. S&P is not a place where complancency breeds, but where we outline how to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, using the quickest and most effective route possible.

At S&P We don't advocate faddy juice diets or gimmicky or generic training programs. We never recommend 'flying solo' either! 

Here at S&P, everybody is a team member. We are all playing for results at the end of the day. Team work often helps you get that extra rep when you have nothing in the tank. On your own the chances are you might do less; push yourself less, and end up one year later right back where you started.

Does this sound familiar?

Frustrating isn't it?

We see many people like this! 

We don't want that for you! We think You deserve better! 

With our nutrition coaching, we have actually found MOST people chronically under-eat! We will show you how to eat MORE and lose more fat! No salads, no juice-only diets, just wholesome foods that are actually cheaper to buy than the processed stuff! 

At S&P our tried and tested programs are only for people who really want to move forward and GET RESULTS unlike anything they have ever experienced! If this isn't you then you will not want to apply for membership!

Some words on the Manual

  • THE best gym in the UK! Great vibe great people. All striving to their goals and helping each other at the same time!

    Karl N., Stockport

  • Love this place! I've never seen such changes in my strength or body shape training anywhere else!

    Sally T., Manchester

  • One of the best gyms you will every visit! Headed up by Z and Sean, two of the best trainers in the North West these guys know how to keep you training and how to mix it up so you don't get bored of the same old routine! As a night worker the gym opening hours work great for me and the trainers are always happy to help you or show you ways to improve. The final thing I have to comment on is the family aspect that this gym has its full of life and people helping each other out. You will see people coming in to the gym on rest days just to have a coffee! You don't get that at many other gyms! All i can say is give it a go! They will even give you a trial session with no pressure to join just to make sure you will fit in well.

    Jack F., Mancheste

  • Simply the best gym in the UK. Before, I joined S&P, my training was going nowhere and I was becoming annoyed at my lack of progress. After walking past S&P one evening and seeing the training going on, I instantly knew that I wanted to be in there training with them. 18 months later, I am the biggest and strongest I have ever been thanks to Sean and Z who have set the perfect blend of being a friend and a coach. The atmosphere in the gym is unrivalled anywhere else and I am inspired every time I step into the gym by the other members. The place has become a 2nd home to me and the future both for myself and the gym is limitless

    Jake H., Manchester

  • People always ask me why I train at S&P and the answer is easy.... Because it works! Everybody in the gym is an individual, has different goals, targets and dreams and is treated as such. Programmes are designed to help each individual reach their full potential. 
    We really are one big happy family, where great relationships are formed, the atmosphere is awesome and the support is always there when you need it. 
    After nearly 4 years at S&P I couldn't imagine ever training anywhere else. 

    Louise C., Manchester

"Limited Offer. Apply Now"

  • We will help you get 'Lazer Focussed' on your Goals and Map out a plan of Action
  • One of our highly sought after coaches will uncover exactly WHY you're struggling to get the results you deserve!
  • We will advise you of the BEST training package to help you Achieve your Goals
  • You will Discover our little known Nutrition Tips to help you accelerate Fat Loss!
  • Become part of our Exclusive Application Only Members Club

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A message From Sean and Z:

We look forward to being there for you every step of the way; To Educate, Motivate and Inspire you as we help you make radical shifts in your current exercise regime. 
For the first time ever, you can finally achieve the body and fitness levels you deserve! 

See you for a Limited Offer Strategy Session really soon! 

Yours in Health & Wellness

Sean & Z

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